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As a provider of technical instruction, I take pride in offering the best volleyball training possible. I am dedicated to serving the needs of our student-athletes every day.

Learn the fundamentals and how to self-correct (Body control = Ball control).


Exercise good footwork and rules to perform each skill - serving, hitting, passing, setting, digging, blocking, and communicating.  


1-on-1: Fundamental skills training and development, mechanical breakdown, technical instruction and demo, tactical application.


3-5 players: Fundamental team development, technical instruction, increased repetition.


Tel: 1 (210) 864-6844

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Limitless Sports Academy

1002 W. Huisache

San Antonio, TX 78201

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When you truly love someone or something there is nothing or no one more important, and it shows. The extra attention, time, and effort you invest, is your heart's desire. There is a genuine, authentic aura/vibe that emanates. These are the individuals that stand out and are noticed above the others. You don't have to be the most talented or skilled, you just have to love, and love will guide you. When you want something bad enough nothing will stop you from getting to it. Love will help shape the right attitude for you to put in the work. That passion will help drive you to approach your goal with determination. In summary, attitude determines approach and approach determines success or failure.

A serious athlete won't have to be pushed or pulled to put in work, because they love the 'grind' (aka practice/training). If you love it, you live it!

I am very passionate about this sport and I believe it's for this reason I find myself training more VB players. I've been coaching Middle school, High school, and club teams for over a decade. I thoroughly enjoy training on an individual basis. I train from 9yrs old to the collegiate level. If you love this sport as much as I do and you're looking to elevate your game, 3 things need to happen.

1. Get serious

2. Get smart

3. Get started

Lead with the mind and the body will follow.

Book an appointment. Get into the gym!


Coach Floyd

LVB Owner / VB Trainer


A decade of experience coaching competitive volleyball teams for quality USA Volleyball Club programs in the Lone Star/North Texas Region. Managing athletic programs, training and developing talent at the middle school, freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels.

Coach Floyd is a technical trainer and teaches the basic fundamentals of every skill, as well as high performance techniques for more advanced players in every position. He’s been coaching/training VB for about 15yrs. He took his first coaching accredited program at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He also received a certification through the American Coaching Academy. He’s coached club on all levels from local to National teams. He is the owner/trainer of Love, VB LLC, and is the South Texas regional volleyball power hitting trainer for Powercore360. He’s also coached High School summer camp for Gold Medal Squared.


  • Member with American Volleyball Coaches Association

  • USA Volleyball, LS Region Provisional Ref / Impact certified

  • United States Olympic Training Center, CAP I

  • Assistant Camp Coach for 3X Gold Medalist - Patrick Powers (VB Mentor)

  • American Coaching Academy Certification

  • Gold Medal Squared

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I enjoy training every skill. My greatest joy is seeing players obtain their goals and grow to have the same love I have for the sport. I want to do my part in helping to raise the level of competition in the lone star region starting with San Antonio.