Performance Recovery Optimization Program

The LVB P.R.O.P Trifecta not only addresses your mental game but also trains you on how to master it.


The Trifecta includes Airrosti, Love VB, and Neely Counseling Center.


Airrosti will help athletes understand how to prevent injuries. LVB will lead athletes in high-level team play to encourage team building and improve communication skills. Neely Counseling Center will expose athletes to wellness exercise to work on the mental aspect of their game: Attentional Focus, Visualization, and Grounding.

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Every game is mental game. 80% of your performance relies solely on your psychological strength. Translation: you need mental game in order to win. The Performance Recovery Optimization Program Clinic focuses on mental toughness to strengthen your skills. This clinic is available to all athletes in High School and College. All participants are expected to be able and willing to perform all skills.


The positions are: 4 S, 4 PINS, 2 MH, 2 DS.